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Shakti Web Solution is a top IT solutions provider recognized around the globe, specialising in offshore software development to assist people worldwide.

Our services include software development, web development, e-commerce, open-source customization, SMS applications, and domain hosting.

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Shakti Web Solutions is committed to empowering small businesses and startups to excel in the digital age. We specialise in expert website development, social media marketing, and graphic design services, designed to simplify online marketing. Our strategic, creative, and integrated approach helps our clients maximise their potential in the ever-changing digital environment. Our goal is to foster innovation, growth, and success for every business we partner with.

Our vision is to be the foremost driver of small business success in the digital realm. We imagine a world where every small business owner possesses the necessary tools, knowledge, and confidence to flourish online. By offering expert website development, social media marketing, and graphic design services, we strive to enable businesses to realise their utmost potential, foster growth, and secure significant achievements. United, we aim to create a digital landscape where small businesses stand out, thrive, and leave an enduring mark.

At Shakti Web Solutions, our main goal is to support positive and lasting growth by using our creativity with new technologies and our strong relationships with our customers. We promise to be good citizens, making sure our work helps not only our growth but also benefits the wider community. We are deeply committed to being innovative and maintaining great relationships with our customers. This commitment is central to our work, leading us to develop solutions that are not only successful but also morally and socially thoughtful.


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With over 100+ projects in developing mobile applications and web development.


Our dedication leads to the success of client business that shows our strength.


We understand each client is unique, with projects having different requirements.


Communication is the main channel between client and project and we are expert in.

What We Do?

Shakti Web Solutions provides resolution and dedicated team services to extend client’s in-house web and mobile app development.

Resources with the required amount of IT experts. Web and application project managers, and solutions as per client’s requirements

Who We Are

We’re an established company that works with a great deal of effort to deliver successful, innovative digital experiences on-tap.

In the IT business for a while, and we have a team of over 20+ extremely skilled IT experts.

why you should choose shakti web solutions.

We are skilled at solving problems and have a successful track record. We’ve been in the IT business for more than 5 years and are known for delivering high-quality software solutions. We excel in IT consulting, especially in turning information into valuable technology solutions.

  • We have a team of top-notch IT consulting experts. Our team includes software engineers, testers, and consultants with extensive experience across different sectors. We are among the most reliable IT companies out there.
  • We’re committed to providing excellent service to our clients. We offer business IT software solutions for various industries like healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, retail, and data backup and recovery.

  • Shakti Web Solutions specialises in IT services and cybersecurity. We’re dedicated to creating a positive and rewarding work environment for our employees. We provide competitive pay and benefits, along with chances for professional development and career growth.

Two years of unbreakable trust

  • Shakti Web Solutions is more than just a web development company; we’re a crucial partner for businesses around the world looking for technical solutions to their complex problems and needs. In our fifteen years, we’ve significantly influenced every part of web and mobile development.
  • We’re a popular choice for web development, known for our exceptional work in creating websites, e-commerce stores, web applications, and mobile apps.
  • Our team is passionate, up-to-date with the latest trends, and innovative, made up of professional web designers and developers. We specialise in making custom software, web applications, CMS, and websites, whether they’re static, dynamic, or for blogging. People describe our work with lots of positive words like reliable, attractive, stylish, easy to use, powerful, quick, tailored, good for search engines, and high-quality, showing the level of quality and reputation of the web designs, websites, and web applications we make.